At Pride Soul, we ensure all required services for elderly people coming here for either long/short stay or rehabilitation. We know, elderly people are not able to take care of themselves all the time so they need assistance and support. Here we provide day care, rehabilitation, post treatment care, post hospitalization care, personal attendant, personal nursing, senior care, affordable and enriched housing service, old aged rehabilitation, handicapped care, disabled care, anamorphous care, orthopaedic care, maimed care, mutilated care.

Getting here admission is very simple and easy. One need to share few required documents only such as ADHAR CARD details, permanent address details, guardian name and contact number, one emergency contact number, details of any pre-existing disease, any medical prescription if available, previous clinical tests and reports, currently running medicines and their timings and any Mediclaim policy details etc. One can contact us anytime to enquire about anything required here to get admitted.

We have trained & skilled nurses, attendant, medical staff and personal care staff who know and understand their duties and committed to their defined job. We are available round the clock with the best ambulance facility so there’s nothing to worry about anytime. We are always ready to pick up the elderly people from their homes or wherever they need to be taken – hospital, local tour, shopping and outing. Here our health programs are based on mostly yoga, pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda and immaculate environment. We do organise lectures, functions, short convention, motivational speaking lectures on frequent interval of time so the elderly people living here get motivated towards the healthy salubrious life.

Here we also do ensure completely hygienic and sanative bedrooms, living area, garden and the whole environment. Pure hot water 24X7, nutritious & healthy food, clean bedding and everything they use is kept sanitized to avoid spreading of any infection. It is because we are very much serious and alert all the time in this covid time.